WARNING: If You Can Hear THIS Sound, You Might Have Hearing Damage 

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WARNING: If you can hear this sound, you might have hearing damage
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Jan 15, 2021




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jacksepticeye Month ago
How good is your hearing?
Adir Chowdhury
Adir Chowdhury 3 days ago
シbiBingka Month ago
So i have this haha
Jinka7 Month ago
I have a hearing aid from the company you took the test from. 😂 Part of my middle ear is too big on the right. I can't hear high or low pitches, but my left ear is normal.
Dom The Cuz
Dom The Cuz Month ago
Is it good or bad to be able to hear it-
Everyhurdle 540
Everyhurdle 540 Month ago
Pretty good
IbraheemAhmedd ahmed
Yes I hear it
n1Ce 69
n1Ce 69 7 hours ago
I can hear that some times at night
anime boy
anime boy 10 hours ago
This dude can hear better than me
wolfel elric
wolfel elric 11 hours ago
My cat was laying on me and she ran away
It's Just Bree
It's Just Bree 12 hours ago
Okay but why did the really high pitch make my eyes water?
Nicholas Moon
Nicholas Moon 15 hours ago
This made me realise I had tinnitus-
Duck Poppy
Duck Poppy 16 hours ago
All deaf people watching this video: 😐
Alexander Ivy
Alexander Ivy 16 hours ago
Whelp this hurt a lot
Alexander Ivy
Alexander Ivy 16 hours ago
Should I be concerned that I hear the frequency on both sides?
KakashiiX_ 18 hours ago
i hear that when the cars stop moving
K time
K time 23 hours ago
jesus the beginning made my mild tinnitus go into full tinnitus
Nico Day ago
yeah jack we both have tinnitus, it's not fun AT ALL, i have pills and mediaction for it but still it really sucks,
Oh Angel
Oh Angel Day ago
Welp. This video triggered mine 😂
Matias Delgado
this is painful
kitty cat09
kitty cat09 Day ago
When I'm in a really quiet place I can here that ringing but it's faint so I never thought about it hmmmmmm
FreeForm Puddle
i only hear it once in a while
Matias Delgado
oh he was playing the sound i think hopefully
Matias Delgado
i have tinitus then
Clasic Hex
Clasic Hex Day ago
I was born with it
I don't have chronic tinnitus, thank fuck, but I get acute bouts of it sometimes. My ears start to feel clogged, and the ringing I hear is actually much lower in pitch than the irritating ultrahigh dogwhistle you showed us at the beginning of the video. Your example is like 15kHz, while my acute moments of it sound like 2.5-4kHz. And then it goes away and it feels like my ears open back up. Between you talking tinnitus and Ethan cleaning his ears with an endoscopic scrape, I'm thinking I should get my ears thoroughly and professionally cleaned. It should help my hearing, and if earwax has anything to do with the ear-closing sensation that comes with my 15-second tinnitus episodes, I'd like to get that fixed. Should also invest in some earplugs too, if I wanna protect my hearing and keep working on music and audio in my spare time.
Holy fucking shit, you're telling me that neurological tinnitus is specifically you consciously hearing YOUR OWN SYNAPSES FIRING? This shit blows my mind, and also reminds me of how goddamn loud the processors are in my gaming laptop. Seriously, I can hear all the little clicks and whines of every goddamn piece of silicon in that thing!
That sneeze edit was FUCKING INCREDIBLE
Abdul Nabezadah
how come when pressed this video i got tinnitus
Joppers 26
Joppers 26 Day ago
Oh no. I think I have tinnitus
Kira _
Kira _ Day ago
My left ear hears sound too loud and if I play music with like half volume it hurts but with my right ear sometimes I cant hear anything out of it at all like I'm deaf in one ear or something
Small Pizza
Small Pizza Day ago
I dont know if i have tinnitus but I DO hear that ringing sound on my own ears sometimes, even tho there isnt any loud noise.
Jenny VanderPas
My husband has tinnitus and has problems sleeping at night. He's had some hearing loss as well (he can tell) but when he got tested they said it was fine. I think he needs to be tested again.
ThisIsRandom 98
11:59 i felt my ears bleeding after that
Ragnarök ACR
Duuuude I am a New subscriber and I can totally relate to this! I'VE HAD TINNITUS SINCE 2009!!! Really cool to know that more people know about this. Try whitenoise and meditation it helps a lot!
I Am Nxva PR
I Am Nxva PR Day ago
Wait i can hear the b that he couldn't
Btw don't worry too much tinnitus can make it so pitches higher then your tinnitus average will become hard near impossible to hear because the brain tunes the new higher pitch sound out thinking it is just the normal tinnitus sounds you hear
Smiley King
Smiley King Day ago
After a while i only hear ringing in my ear
Abby Day ago
I can hear about to the 16500ish Hz range
Thea Smith
Thea Smith Day ago
10:53 at this point I could no longer hear the frequencies, it's so high pitched that it's silent. but if I turn it up loud enough it just sounds like white noise
I had to turn up my volume to hear the sound in the beginning lol
Y/N 2 days ago
I'm 13 and I was in a band with out ear protection I played a trombone. The trombone being as loud as it is damaged my ears and caused my tinnitus. I had this for maybe two years after a while my brain got used to the sound and tuned it out. although if i pay close attention I can still hear it.
Ahmad Latipi
Ahmad Latipi 2 days ago
I just heard a sound ringing is like from hospital thing. Is like someone just stop breath
Tia Smith
Tia Smith 2 days ago
Deaf people watching like 👁️👄👁️
Tia Smith
Tia Smith 2 days ago
Seems as tho I have the same Hertz of tinnitus as Jack does and I didn't even think I had it, I just hear screeching noises exactly like his sometimes or often
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett 2 days ago
I hear that sometimes.
Mike McTavish
Mike McTavish 2 days ago
sean: "oh god, all these sounds i can hear are awful". im like "when is he gunna play the sounds?"
James DiMaggio
James DiMaggio 2 days ago
no joke, I thought everyone heard ringing in their ears. well, dang
14:49 I can't hear it 🤔 must be out of my frequency 🙄 Did the test and mines 4,000 hz 🙉 23:19 tinnitus, asthma, possible adhd 👍🤣
I have tinnitus in both ears and my ears are really buzzing now 🤣
Jasmine Perryman
Jasmine Perryman 2 days ago
12:15 hurt me
Alexissad 2 days ago
i took the test and i have possible hearing loss... me and jack have the same sound 14:17
SergeantBow8924 2 days ago
My ears hurt now I heard everything btw
Abigail Lake
Abigail Lake 2 days ago
*SMASH* that like button if you can hear 15000 HZ!!!!
Tractor Gang
Tractor Gang 3 days ago
My dad has this too
Goblin King
Goblin King 3 days ago
✨I'm going to rip out my ear canals✨
Bámbii Havoc
Bámbii Havoc 3 days ago
I have ringing in both my ears but it has to be very quiet. Still air and nearly no noise for the ringing to start, but I don’t hear the frequency that you do for some odd reason. It’s slightly lower for me
Zeldris 3 days ago
16:46 put headphones in .
Fire Wood
Fire Wood 3 days ago
Ive had Tinitus since I was 5. Told mom she said it was blood rushing through my ears and stuff so I just ignored it and didn't mention it for 10 years where I was officially diagnosed with it. Before I was diagnosed I went through a hearing correction thing so I could hear better. There is a way to get rid of it just can't Remember how. Its like sound therapy or something and from what I've read it has good results.
Latté 3 days ago
Alright, you made your point Jack (or Robin, technically). You overdid it with the ringing. It wasn’t funny and my ears were starting to hurt. You really didn’t need to play that ringing sound again after the first time which was long enough.
Daniel 3 days ago
I think everyone who’s ever had ear infections gets that buzzing sometimes. I get it whenever I try to lay down and sleep. You can’t detect everything with an MRI. Thanks so much for bringing reminding us what it sounds/feels like Jack. Love the video though!
J Phone
J Phone 3 days ago
Jack: *reacting to very high pitched sounds* Me: *not hearing it* this post was made by the hearing loss gang
Bad@Deciding 4 days ago
Do people actually say "tin uh tis" ? Lmao
Dad Wright
Dad Wright 4 days ago
Wait everyone can hear that when it’s silent I thought
dimitri 4 days ago
My hearing age is 27, and I'm 18,,,,,,,,,,,,
Alejandro Martín zurita
I'm questioning myself if I'm a bat (I'm 14 yrs old) Record HZ (me) : tone B high pitch and B when you didn't hear it I do but a little bit so 15000Hz max (I think)
continuing on
continuing on 4 days ago
my hrt bes wen i run lot teht i can her my hrt bet
Mr.Skittles55 4 days ago
Wait so hearing the ringing isn’t normal? 😬 I guess I gotta get checked out
Karma the scouragious dragon
Cant hear birdies
Karma the scouragious dragon
boi i already know i have hearing loss
Ghostyboi 4 days ago
bruh im 16 and i couldn't hear the 15,000 im slightly worried
Emerald Steel
Emerald Steel 4 days ago
I have tinnitus on my right ear, the cause of it is swimming on the ocean, the ocean water got trapped on my right ear for 4 days till it got out of my ear. As of today 2 years after the ringing in my ear hasn't gonr away.
SpOoPy 4 days ago
My ears are just messed up. For years and year. I especially hear it in a quiet room (That might be normal) but I know my ears are weird. When I was around 4-5, This was in kinder, And I was at the nurse's office and she decided to stick a thingy (I forgot what it is called because it is 12:50 PM and I am tired) in my ear, And I think it might've punctured my ear drum a bit? No idea but it all started when that happened. Idk-
Alexis Nace
Alexis Nace 5 days ago
I could most definitely hear every single one and omg
Alexis Nace
Alexis Nace 5 days ago
I had this video playing out loud while watching and as the pitches got higher, the more my cat would freak out and bite me
space goats
space goats 5 days ago
Anyone else get an ad when he said he was gonna sneeze?
x XxOceanXJulesxX x
y’all jack is just built different ✋🙄
Gamer 5 days ago
I hear that but its pretty rare for me but I do pass my hearing test
Kris Mitchell
Kris Mitchell 5 days ago
I think mine is from shooting guns without ear plugs
MysticSZN 5 days ago
No I hate u I can hear anything
VaporishGolem1 5 days ago
oh no
VaporishGolem1 5 days ago
i’m only 13😭
louise speller
louise speller 5 days ago
Ive only damaged my ears from listening to the dream team-
E88e LOLXD 5 days ago
Thanks for giving me tinnitus jack 😁 🖕
heath draws gaming
Wait i heard that i am a kid am i ok i want to know i get it when its quiet alot plz tell me if i am ok.
Beep beep Meow
Beep beep Meow 5 days ago
Crystal The Wolf
Crystal The Wolf 6 days ago
Oh I literally never hear this besides when you played the noise
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart 6 days ago
A method of sound cancelling is to hit a sound wave with the exact opposite frequency sound wave, i don’t know perfectly how it works but I wonder if you could maybe counter some peoples tinnitus by projecting that into peoples ears
Ashden Morris
Ashden Morris 6 days ago
I have tenitus and at 5:55 I was like Me: Why do I feel like he was talking about me or is my tenitus making my ears not hear properly
w0bbl3_f1ng3r z
w0bbl3_f1ng3r z 6 days ago
**cries angrily in my tinnitus is terrible**
Vivid 6 days ago
Ninja Nugget
Ninja Nugget 6 days ago
So is anyone gonna talk about how Jack might have perfect pitch 8:40
Flacko Barrientos
Is it kinda odd that I hear that perfectly but it makes me start literally cringing and clenching my fist trying to endure the sound as it causes pain I've been listening to bass and loud sound systems since I was a kid blasting But for a while I was hearing a terrible ringing sound for a while that was very high pitched when I was still blasting bass in my ears I would hear that sound all day long and it would give me headaches all day long
DarkKnight101 6 days ago
Jake Djanie
Jake Djanie 6 days ago
I get it even sometimes in sleep
Taylor Mccready
Taylor Mccready 6 days ago
Taylor Mccready
Taylor Mccready 6 days ago
I heard all of that when you pressed I can't hear it I still could hear iy
Awesomedino Dino
Awesomedino Dino 6 days ago
I jear it
IGameWithTea 6 days ago
this video hurt my ears
Deivids Maskovs
Deivids Maskovs 6 days ago
i heard it from 0,5 sec
Maulana Sadhu
Maulana Sadhu 6 days ago
12:00 - 12:16 I can hear this one.... Am i a dog then?
Jimbo433 6 days ago
My hearing is so good I could hear my dad’s Tesla charging through the ground and thought I was hearing things for 3 months every night. Eventually I start walking around the house and learned what is was but my entire family thought I was crazy (literally not a metaphor)
whatever_my _name_is
i have the same tinnitus as jack but it is very mild but mine is different it switches from ear to ear so i can hear it in my left ear then it switches to my right then it goes back and forth it is very weird. (sorry for your loss jack)
Vortex 303
Vortex 303 7 days ago
I think mine is 12700 too
Funk-y 7 days ago
i want to know if anyone doesnt hear that thing at the start
Ishan Dulal
Ishan Dulal 7 days ago
Frick im 17 and my hearing age is 48 :(
Haptic_ Craze
Haptic_ Craze 7 days ago
I have that and im im only 12 ive had it sense i was 8 or 9 cause i have big ass speakers in my room and i play music in my headphones full blast