The SMARTEST I've Ever Been In Among Us 

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This is the smartest I've EVER been in Among Us
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Dec 10, 2020




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Liana Kinder
Liana Kinder 7 hours ago
LAZAR needs to chill
Tomas Saunders
Tomas Saunders 16 hours ago
Lazar didn’t pass the vibe check
Ask Determinatale and AU's
Olivia Andrews
9:10 Vikkstar wasnt on cams, the cams weren’t on
Nathan Higg
Nathan Higg Day ago
And the British are discount Africans
fortnite turtorials
I'm watching this at 4am
Camsters_Cool 2 days ago
Karl was there???
Rik Henry
Rik Henry 2 days ago
I feel like any time you guys do a successful cardswipe on the first try, it should be acceptable to say "suck on that Corpse"
Jordan Chaplin
Jordan Chaplin 2 days ago
There isn't 2 Jacks he's name is Sean
Phyllis Tait
Phyllis Tait 2 days ago
Love is like a fart but if you Force it it is maybe crap anyways
Kelsey Fenwick
Kelsey Fenwick 3 days ago
Me being British 👉🏻👈🏻
Ian Domitrovits
Ian Domitrovits 3 days ago
Who noticed how Jack put to Zanarkand from final fantasy 0:36
TrickzGames 3 days ago
Why do they get so SALTYYY
TrickzGames 3 days ago
Big Brain Moment
katie kat
katie kat 3 days ago
Let's be real here, the "NEVER, THEY DESERVED IT, AND I'D FOOKING DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT" just bloody sent me 😂
Tyler Drury
Tyler Drury 3 days ago
No 🧢
Poppy Belle
Poppy Belle 3 days ago
Tomyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyinitttttttttttttttt and jaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Stan English
Stan English 3 days ago
Stop swearing man
B4L13 636
B4L13 636 3 days ago
I like your hair spedicey
Petition to call Tommy 'Little T' and tubbo 'little bee' 👇
guythatlovestf2 4 days ago
IT_ Steven
IT_ Steven 4 days ago
i love the among us videos because it brings out the smart in jack
Katelynn Lasiter
Katelynn Lasiter 4 days ago
I just realized that his name is supposed to be Speed Is Key but it was too long 🤦
Socratic 4 days ago
Jack: *Accused lazar and was wrong* The Title: The SMARTEST I've Ever Been In Among Us
Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle 4 days ago
Hon the Irish army
Why in the thumbnail jack look like 8-bitryan,s Forehead but crack
S S 5 days ago
Aw, fuck. I'm limp
NF is everythinggg
no cap
Owl-man 209
Owl-man 209 5 days ago
Poor Big T
Nora Fox
Nora Fox 5 days ago
Looked at the thumnail thought it was a jacksfilms video
Me love cats
Me love cats 5 days ago
Lol I use to Watch you on my Disney XD channel
Alyssa Greenwood
Alyssa Greenwood 6 days ago
nothing is on fire ....fire is on things 👁👄👁
gogyogyogyogyogy 6 days ago
jesus why did lazar freak out- tommy the 16 year old was more mature
Johann de Beer
Johann de Beer 6 days ago
for a second i thought your’e tumb nail was ksi photoshoped white 🤣
first name Miller
when he tried to use cap
sence 6 days ago
Blaze 6 days ago
Jack: "Thats a death trap right there next to the vent." * litteraly a minute later * Karl: "I found the body in electrical next to the vent." HE KNEW
harsh chandra
harsh chandra 6 days ago
Bro he has jacksfilms forehead in the thumbnail
Da-Gaming Raptor
Da-Gaming Raptor 6 days ago
IM AUSTRALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madder Hatter
Madder Hatter 7 days ago
I love how he is rambling on and just randomly goes "Aw I'm limp!" Because of the med scan😂
Furious Ferret
Furious Ferret 7 days ago
I like how in the first round Tubbo was out for blood but he wasn't even imposter,which kind of makes sense considering it's Tubbo
Cara Penneck
Cara Penneck 7 days ago
How come it's always so !much harder when I play this?? Why does no one actually listen to me on among us??? Why???? They know me but they just.... I'm just jealous
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 7 days ago
Ok so this is my opinion dont hate me but i hate Tommy and Lazarbeam
Arianne Bujold
Arianne Bujold 7 days ago
Tubo have the same voice of tommy
OllyTheCrosslop 8 days ago
Why does the thumbnail look like Jacksfilms
JGVC 8 days ago
For some reason I love seeing jacksepticeye and Lazarbeam together for some reason
Dannielle Smith
Dannielle Smith 6 days ago
Lazar threw a tantrum like a toddler at the end tho
Shishiza 8 days ago
22:11-22:20 I'm a fan of jack, but I didnt like that at all. Even if he's is joking, that's still bad to say >:(
Pugz _lol
Pugz _lol 8 days ago
Poor tommy innit 😢
Troy Jackson
Troy Jackson 8 days ago
Jack, I'm Australian. But it's okay. I enjoy the banter
Landon Smith
Landon Smith 9 days ago
before: sean acting like he knows whats going on, after: sean in the meeting says nothing exept thats enough and i voted
Delainey Wofford
Delainey Wofford 9 days ago
Its crazy how fast times change. I remember watching him when I was 8-9 now I'm a teen
Cole Gremillion
Cole Gremillion 9 days ago
Hey jack do Pokemon sword and Pokémon shield
Swordflames 9 days ago
Courage sounds soo intelligent
SlowBro08 Klogger
My name is NerdYeaa, and I intentionally join horny people servers just to crash them and get banned. I find it hilarious
Makayla Magill
Makayla Magill 10 days ago
In admin once he left the vent opened
Blake Clowes
Blake Clowes 10 days ago
lazerbeam I wach your vidoes SAEN helo
Arianna Quiroz
Arianna Quiroz 10 days ago
Jack talking close to the mic; 💥💥💥💥💥
JimmyJohn Joe
JimmyJohn Joe 10 days ago
22:14 greatest line in the whole channel
Alpacca Stewart
Alpacca Stewart 10 days ago
Wait did Australians make the saying "Risk it for the biscuit"????
Pilot_Banjo 11 days ago
I’m a simple man, I see an among us video without pokimane, I like the video
Frankie Person
Frankie Person 11 days ago
Big T oh god its spreading!
Justwalkingby Nguyễn
POV: U got into AmongUs through Jack, then u were introduced to Toast, Sykkuno,... Months later, u stumbled upon the DreamSMP, found out abt Tommy, Tubbo. Now, u just tracing back and realise how the community was so small 🤣. Honestly, idk if anyone has the same experience. It's just feel so weird looking back at ur future fav creator. Thank you Jack for bringing me to new content!
Jolie Turman
Jolie Turman 11 days ago
I’m watching this while it’s snowing, I have zero wifi☹️ TEXAS GANG WHERE YALL AT??
Philip Myers
Philip Myers 11 days ago
That double commercial at the end with the cliff hanger...
Candy Loera
Candy Loera 11 days ago
He should do a among Us video where he goes to random games
Dilicea66 Gacha
Dilicea66 Gacha 12 days ago
check the likes...there's 1,000 idiots
Gavster69 445
Gavster69 445 12 days ago
I’m glad tommy and tubbo are in the game
Soldier 073
Soldier 073 13 days ago
Lazar big crybaby.
Clouded Skys
Clouded Skys 13 days ago
Is no one going to comment on how aggressive that kill on Tommy was?
Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell 13 days ago
Is that actually Vik
Ryan Darby
Ryan Darby 13 days ago
the way how jack hates being imposter, hahha
OwenLyne1234 13 days ago
Raul Cortes 150
Raul Cortes 150 13 days ago
So innocent jack lol 8:18
corza 14 days ago
As soon as he started talking about british people I wrote this comment to say unsubbed
Xx Kristy xX
Xx Kristy xX 14 days ago
I just want to say this right now. HOW DARE YOU KILL TOMMYYYYYYYYYY! TVT
Gjl Hhl
Gjl Hhl 15 days ago
Ilu homie
Lit Gaming
Lit Gaming 15 days ago
Where is corpse! This isn't even an among us vid without corpse.
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 15 days ago
At 9:03 how is "pink doing lights" when lights were on-
Debiboo 16 days ago
I love how Jack calls Tommyinnit big T
Lex Hardy
Lex Hardy 17 days ago
Jack not knowing what cap is honestly the cutest thing
Shimmer Glitter
Shimmer Glitter 17 days ago
Is Spedicey’s actual name Jack or Sean?
Shimmer Glitter
Shimmer Glitter 16 days ago
@Squishy why do ppl call him jack then?
Squishy 17 days ago
AMITY M MANK 17 days ago
em oo al aavu among us
VonnieToons 17 days ago
Hearing Jack say “No cap” makes me feel a whole new level of cringe and I don’t know why...
Hammad Jahangir
Hammad Jahangir 18 days ago
Nice to see greaseball
Fred Evans
Fred Evans 18 days ago
Quick vikk SPEED IS KEY
3J Brian Mohammed
3J Brian Mohammed 19 days ago
Jack,cap means lie
IAMKILLA 20 days ago
I didn't know penguinz0 played with him
IAMKILLA 20 days ago
Bro in the thumbnail he turned into ksi
Eprocles 21 day ago
The Dolphin
The Dolphin 21 day ago
Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 39 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy but you don't have to
Stephanie Crume
Stephanie Crume 22 days ago
“I’m down to shoot Valk” “Yeah, sure!” Immediately votes her in less than a second Makes me cry 😂
typxcal 18 days ago
LOL that's tubbo for ya
Lillian Wolf
Lillian Wolf 23 days ago
Cap means lie I think so like "I'm voting you no cap" = "I'm voting you no lie".
I will defeat Obi-Wan Kenobi
Turbo: I say we kill both of them! Jack(or Séan for the absolute chads): *nervously laughs*
W 25 days ago
Lazar got real mad at the end 😳
Krys Wilborn
Krys Wilborn 25 days ago
Boy the second round when he went into reactor and cyan was there then he went into security then he goes back dark green is in there somehow
Pau OwO
Pau OwO 25 days ago
Aaron Siam
Aaron Siam 26 days ago
Speed is key
Rielly Clark
Rielly Clark 26 days ago
Lazer honestly acting like a spoiled kid ruined it for me though
Victoria Cook
Victoria Cook 26 days ago
Yeah, I've watched this multiple times, and he always really annoys me. (Btw, it's spelled Lazar, but it doesn't really matter at all :-) )
draygon slyer7485
draygon slyer7485 26 days ago
The hardest part of among us is getting friends
3D Among Us
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