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Feb 7, 2021




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CaptainAlex 64
CaptainAlex 64 2 minutes ago
Life is never easy, That's why it's so beautiful.
Ditch Compact 卐
Ditch Compact 卐 2 minutes ago
Liar and manipulator.
Qrow Gaming
Qrow Gaming 2 minutes ago
I’m so sorry for your loss
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 9 minutes ago
Man I know the feeling I lost my dad at 4
Logan Roof
Logan Roof 31 minute ago
AllanRWO 15 minutes ago
Provide me with a link to where you got this information, please.
SlasherScope 15 minutes ago
congrats, your a successful internet troll bully . u happy with yourself ?
AllanRWO 20 minutes ago
@Logan Roof The most recent news article I saw on him talked about him helping to raise $660,000 for the fight against COVID-19. Try again.
Logan Roof
Logan Roof 23 minutes ago
@AllanRWO Uh, have you checked CNN and Snopes, sweetie?
AllanRWO 26 minutes ago
Do you have a source to support this information? Didn't think so.
Kelsey Wilson
Kelsey Wilson 41 minute ago
I am so sorry for your loss. Especially being separated from your family during this time. I can’t imagine the pain you and your family have experienced. You are loved and appreciated by so many. I pray for peace and comfort for you and yours during this time.
XLuna•MOON• StrikeX
how are ppl soo messd up in the head to make memes and jokes about his dads death its not right and i hope one day they can realize that
AllanRWO 37 minutes ago
Perhaps, if they ever get the professional help that they so desperately need, then maybe they'll eventually realise, but even at that, I don't think they ever will.
Hanako 42 minutes ago
they want clout don't pay attention
Darkangelfox10 45 minutes ago
get rekt XD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darkangelfox10 46 minutes ago
loser XD
AllanRWO 41 minute ago
I know you are XD
Hanako 44 minutes ago
ok gacha life
Kevin Silva
Kevin Silva 51 minute ago
To the people making memes, Just wondering: how would you feel if someone you loved died and people made fun about it?
AllanRWO 40 minutes ago
They are obviously in need of professional therapy. No normal human should be behaving the way they're behaving.
Super Mike
Super Mike 54 minutes ago
I’m sorry for your loss 🥺😢😭😥☹️🙁😖
jessica dudley
Its videos like this that remind me of why you're my favorite US-firstr. You always seem sincere and honest with your following, and that's how it should be. Good luck my laddie!
And the fact they made memes about it that's just FUCKED UP
Also I understand I lost my granny 2 yrs ago
He looked he wanted to cry and realy MEN cry so CRY JACK
Cursed Guy
Cursed Guy 17 minutes ago
Are you forcing him to cry?
Aerzie Music
Aerzie Music Hour ago
I'm very sorry for you, your dad was probably very proud of who you have become
Unidentified Flamer
Jack, Some US-firstr with 31 subs Made a Hate video, being disrespectful to ye Dad. (Rest in Peace.) they were saying:"Nobody Cares, get a Life, nobody Even Cared for you." That person doesn't know what losing someone in your family ( I have lost 10 members of my family tree). I'm Sorry for Your Loss Jack, and Your Dad Would be Happy for your career you've chosen.
Her Motorcycle Adventures
I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand the pain intimately. I lost my father 11 years ago and I still miss him. When someone has made so much of an impact in your life, you don't just forget them. It does grow easier with time but the hole in your heart is still there. Trust me Jack, he will still be with you in spirit. My dads presence is with me profoundly at times and that makes me feel less lonely without him. 💖
Senif Hour ago
This is absolutely horrible and I’m deeply sorry about what happened. Please, take a break if you need, and focus on yourself. Please, we all love and care about you so much and this is probably one of the hardest times to be going through this, let alone, any time would be the hardest times to be going through this. You deserve the most Sean, please be safe.
sophisticated seal
4.3k dislikes I dont even know what to say about that
Ellie Wunderlich
Some people are twisted the wrong way. I’m so sorry, and I hope you take time to yourself and please do not let them affect you. Take time for yourself, you deserve it. Stay safe Seán.
sophisticated seal
sophisticated seal 2 hours ago
A seal badge of approval for jack🎖 Jack, you are is the best irish boi and your father is very proud watching over you now.❤
pixle ppanda
pixle ppanda 2 hours ago
Jack you father would be proud of you and for the people who made memes and disliked this video he'll has a special place for you , in other words you're father would be very proud keep doing what you love!
Miles Gaming123
Miles Gaming123 2 hours ago
I’m so sorry about your loss🥺🥺🥺🥺 I know it’s sad that you loose somebody in your family 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Logan Roof
Logan Roof 2 hours ago
AllanRWO Hour ago
How are you still able to comment? I know that I and other people have reported you. I reported your comments on here, AND your channel. You have written in your channel's about page "Oh, I'm sorry for making jokes about Jack's dad". If you're sorry, then why are you STILL leaving these downright nasty comments!?
KingGamer0719 D
I’m still here, I won’t leave.
KingGamer0719 D
Answer this question, why do you make these comments, I want the truth, why do you think this is a hoax? If it’s a hoax, what’s your source? It’s fake to you, but it’s likely not. But I want you to answer the question, why do you do this?
SԋαɾρƈIαɯȥ 2 hours ago
He'll always b in ur hart
the mandalorian
the mandalorian 2 hours ago
Im so sorry Sean, I didn’t even know and was very worried about you cause you weren’t posting. Im homeless so it was hard for me to find out but I just saw this video and im so sorry. I know the feeling oh too well.. but I promise it will get better, it might not be the EXACT same, but it WILL get better, and life will still be amazing, I promise. Positive mental attitude remember Sean !
crazy jamie
crazy jamie 2 hours ago
I know how Jacksepticeye feels. My dad passed away too
Cursed Guy
Cursed Guy 14 minutes ago
Sorry for your loss
AllanRWO 39 minutes ago
Gosh, I'm so sorry.
Kevin Silva
Kevin Silva 52 minutes ago
Sorry for your loss
the gander
the gander 3 hours ago
I feel so bad for you, you deserve much better than that and everyone has your back
Stasys Norkus
Stasys Norkus 3 hours ago
Sorry Jack for your loss may your father rest in peace. 🙏😇
RMGD Plays
RMGD Plays 3 hours ago
Cursed Guy
Cursed Guy 2 hours ago
RMGD Plays
RMGD Plays 3 hours ago
Im kidding, im so sorry for your loss jack.
Derpa Turtle
Derpa Turtle 3 hours ago
Well don't know if losing a younger brother is similar but my thoughts and prayers are going towards you man
Xavier Kestila
Xavier Kestila 3 hours ago
Hi I’m Xavier im12 I lost my dad wen I wus10 so I feel you on this
Tristen Havard
Tristen Havard 3 hours ago
God bless you jack
Hello 3 hours ago
goosey boy386
goosey boy386 3 hours ago
I am so sorry for your loss
MC andy Williams
MC andy Williams 4 hours ago
So sorry to hear jack stay strong jack
Sorry to hear that
Aaron Hale
Aaron Hale 4 hours ago
You don't need to force yourself to entertain us. we'll survive without your videos for a while. take as much time as you need. also, don't listen to those fuckasses who made memes about this. they're just trolls who don't understand the concept of empathy
AllanRWO Hour ago
@nat Go and see a psychiatrist. You need professional help.
KrishKrash14: memes, animations, and more!
@nat frick off dude. Jack's dad died. Be a simple human being
nat 3 hours ago
lol the likes on this comment arent here like his dad
Master GlizzGlizz
Master GlizzGlizz 4 hours ago
Why would people joke about death especially with the loss of a loved one that’s so fucked up
kira nogueira
kira nogueira 4 hours ago
Hey buddy, I hope you can figure this hole thing out ,and I wish for your dad goes to heaven,but don’t worry he’s always with you.also feel free to take time off.
Derived Warrior
Derived Warrior 4 hours ago
I m soo sorry man ❤️wish you the best 🙂
steffiscosmos 4 hours ago
I don't often comment on anything, but I found it important to say this even though you probably won't read it - which is okay! I am really so sorry for what happened to you and your family. especially that there are people who have shown absolutely no respect. take all the time you need, we all think of you and support you.
MrWolfDog 4 hours ago
IM so sorry man and I feel ya my farther died 2 to 3 weeks ago but your videos have been help me alot with my pain and I'm sorry your going through this man but is life and well life kinda a bitch sorry you had to go through this
W.D gaster
W.D gaster 4 hours ago
im so verry sorry for your loss take as much time as you need i nay have not go throuth this type of thing yet but im sure its hard again im sorry
Drew Does Guitar
Drew Does Guitar 4 hours ago
No matter what we will always have your back.
Toxic Toper 个
Toxic Toper 个 4 hours ago
now i don't give a shit about him it's all over i'm glad his dad's gone
KingGamer0719 D
KingGamer0719 D 24 minutes ago
Still waiting.
KingGamer0719 D
@Toxic Toper 个 I’m still waiting for a response, ignore and see what happens.
KingGamer0719 D
@Toxic Toper 个 also note that I won’t be fazed by any mean comments about me, and I’m tired of the hate of Jack and his father, so if you want me to leave you alone, stop posting the comments about his dad, and delete them. because I will find you again, and I won’t go anywhere.
KingGamer0719 D
@Toxic Toper 个 why do you despise him? I would like to know, why are you glad his father’s gone? You will probably ignore me as well, which means you don’t have an answer or your just scared to talk. I’ll give you time. And don’t expect me to get tired. I never get tired.
Toxic Toper 个
Toxic Toper 个 4 hours ago
@AllanRWO i don't give a fuk
Rabid Panda
Rabid Panda 5 hours ago
This brings me back to when my Dad passed... I was 23. He passed 6 years ago unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. It almost doesn't feel real when you think about it. Grief is a strange thing. You think you're done crying or grieving it, but then memories or something happens and the emotions just flood back. Something about losing an immediate family member (especially a parent) just hits different. I'm sending my love to you and your family Sean. Much love, and I'm so fucking sorry there were some insensitive assholes making a joke out of your grief. Thats disgusting and shouldn't have happened. Stay strong friend.
Simply Salty
Simply Salty 5 hours ago
i’m so sorry 💔
Nathan Baster
Nathan Baster 5 hours ago
Ik it's a real pain that u have to not see him agen but he will be looking down and like "that's my son I all ways know u will be good to the wold" sorry for your loss
Nathan Baster
Nathan Baster 5 hours ago
Btw it means a lot for us it more sad for you but we have to see u sad and that's what I don't like
Nathan Baster
Nathan Baster 5 hours ago
And u will have the haters (fuck them) and then u have us (good to u)
Nathan Baster
Nathan Baster 5 hours ago
Jack dont worry u all ways have me around your arms
KingGamer0719 D
KingGamer0719 D 5 hours ago
Jacksepticeye and his father don’t deserve this. All of these negative comments don’t deserve to be here. They just want us to react to their comments.
Jai Coleman
Jai Coleman 5 hours ago
People who did the memes I hope they have to go through something like this because then they can know how hard it is also I lost my dog at Xmas last year that I got when I was 3 so it felt like a Piece of my heart was gone so I feel you
RedTopics 5 hours ago
I am sorry for you Jack
andranik minasyan
andranik minasyan 5 hours ago
I lost a very important person to I know how you feel I am very sorry for your loss
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 5 hours ago
If you ever feel down, just remember that you have 26 million people who will have your back. 👍
Is beanz
Is beanz 6 hours ago
Is this Loss?
Logan Roof
Logan Roof 2 hours ago
| || || |_
senso 5 hours ago
what do you mean is this loss of course it fucking is his dad died
Marissa Lyn
Marissa Lyn 6 hours ago
I'm so sorry 😞😪
GFB 2.X 6 hours ago
I hate people make fun of jacksepticeye's death like his dad didn't do nothing. Sorry for you loss jack😔😇✝️🕊️
Alex T
Alex T 6 hours ago
Whatever you need Whatever we can do We want you to know That we're here for you
Mudalad12 6 hours ago
i can feel his voice breaking.
Jenay 6 hours ago
We love you jack! Take your time
Austin Rone
Austin Rone 6 hours ago
The amount of disrespect I have for people who made memes about that
McApple 6 hours ago
Jack I hope you don’t listen to the hate comments they just want to be seen and just take your time. Imagine writing a hate comment about this you cannot get at a lover point in life
Rufcat2 6 hours ago
Dude I relate to having an older dad... I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so scared of my parents passing away. My dad turned 60 in July and I’m only 14. I’m not scared of my own death. I’m scared of the pain I’ll feel when others die, and the pain I’ll cause in my own death.
James Clark
James Clark 6 hours ago
I'm sorry that your dad died :( u probebly missed him
YT Flyersfan321
YT Flyersfan321 6 hours ago
Sorry For your loss Seán. Sorry I'm late I was binge watching your vids the past weeks taking a trip down memory lane. Just ignore the memes. People who made memes are actually dicks. Stay strong. You are a great person with a great heart. You dad was proud of you.❤
Osama the awesome 卍
Kevin Silva
Kevin Silva 53 minutes ago
@KingGamer0719 D It’s a troll so they clearly think it’s funny, which it’s just plain disrespectful
KingGamer0719 D
I won’t leave, so you might as well answer.
KingGamer0719 D
I am still waiting.
KingGamer0719 D
KingGamer0719 D 5 hours ago
Still waiting
KingGamer0719 D
KingGamer0719 D 5 hours ago
I am still waiting for your response.
Osama the awesome 卍
KingGamer0719 D
I won’t leave, so you might as well answer.
KingGamer0719 D
I am still waiting.
KingGamer0719 D
Still waiting
KingGamer0719 D
I am still waiting for your response.
KingGamer0719 D
You may not answer, but I Will still wait, patiently and quietly.
Osama the awesome 卍
Osama the awesome 卍
Osama the awesome 卍
Osama the awesome 卍
Osama the awesome 卍
Osama the awesome 卍
Ditch Compact 卐
Ditch Compact 卐 7 hours ago
"I can't breathe" -Jacksepticeye's dad
Creeper_Blox_177 6 hours ago
Not funny
Osama the awesome 卍
Jacks dad got kneed on the neck lol
Kielvin 7 hours ago
Thank you for sharing such an emotional, brave and honest video! The courage it takes to take to share your personal state of affairs through this hits me hard as a fan of your video's... Though I think that you will get stronger out of this and that you will make your father proud to where you are right now!
payback 7 hours ago
Keep doing what you have to do. I’m sure your dad is still proud of you. We will always be here for you as you have been for a lot of us. I can feel some of your pain. My dad called me a few months back and I’m the youngest and he told me if he died I would be in charge. I have had little time I have had with my dad but family is number one. Keep doing what your doing. Love for you and your family.
V-Crazy Productions
Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. My thoughts are with you Jack. All your fans will stand beside you. Do whatever you need to do and take as much time as you want to feel better. I promise it will 💚
Red Nightmare XL
Red Nightmare XL 8 hours ago
Jack, I'm sorry about your dad because I'm having a hard time but we will both get together through Godspeed Jack.
Red Nightmare XL
Red Nightmare XL 8 hours ago
And yeah you are awesome Jack love you brother
Peppy 8 hours ago
I actually feel so bad that I didn’t know this sooner, I have been subbed for ages but this notification was never sent out. I feel so bad that I’m late and I feel so sad for you Seàn, ignore all the bastard comments in the section, they are just people who probably picks up horse shit for a job. But we’re here for you Jack! Get better soon...
I'm not Stefan
I'm not Stefan 6 hours ago
I got this in recommend.
Robotix Youtube
Robotix Youtube 8 hours ago
Robotix Youtube
Robotix Youtube 8 hours ago
i’m really sorry to hear about your loss. ive grown up with your channel and i hope you can get through this.
Thomas Gaming
Thomas Gaming 9 hours ago
I’m sorry about the loss of your father I’m sure that he was very proud of what you have done.
MysticFN XBL
MysticFN XBL 9 hours ago
Take a break man
GamingSnake76 9 hours ago
Take you time Jack, we love you and I bet you dad is proud of you
Tyler Poore
Tyler Poore 9 hours ago
I hate that I'm just now hearing about this. I've been away from your channel for longer than I realized. I'm not really anybody important but as someone that has lost not only a parent but several other relatives, I can empathize with your pain. Just know that you have more support in this world than you probably know and that we're all rooting for you
Ditch Compact 卐
Ditch Compact 卐 9 hours ago
Creeper_Blox_177 6 hours ago
@Rat Wit Bat Just report these for hate speech or something, these haters are just 5 year old kids who are uneducated on their parents device. And I think it does makes sense if you report this comment for hate speech since there is a swastika after the compact.
Rat Wit Bat
Rat Wit Bat 8 hours ago
Jake Lambert
Jake Lambert 9 hours ago
Whoever dislikes this, hell has a certain place for you
Logan Roof
Logan Roof 31 minute ago
Creeper_Blox_177 9 hours ago
K now the comments got to be disabled since people are making fun of his father's death just like what's happening in Markiplier's update video (the one where Miranda passed)
Jacob Gaming
Jacob Gaming 9 hours ago
I hope you're doing okay. Any people that made fun of your dad's death are terrible people. Dont listen to them and don't let it get to you. Things will get better with time, and i know that from experience.
KIWI PRIME 9 hours ago
Sorry for your loss, we love you bro, your great and your dad was a awesome person
JulesOnly 9 hours ago
I mean, I didn't know him, but the way you talk about him makes me feel like I did. Your words really make him seems like he was a great person, who influenced you a lot while growing up (in a good way of course). It's truly sad the world lost this great of a person, may he rest in peace. All the love goes out to you and your family, this still must be very tough, I hope you all get through this and stay positive, that's probably something he would have wanted.🤍
Ditch Compact 卐
Ditch Compact 卐 9 hours ago
This is so funny! Sean, you should be a comedian.
BeeNoodleSoup 9 hours ago
I have never been through this. I haven't lost a loved one, so I wouldn't know how it feels. I can only imagine what it feel like. I hope you and your family are doing well, take a break if you need to.
Logan Roof
Logan Roof 9 hours ago
McApple 6 hours ago
Bro just stop jack is putting him self out here telling us something that deep and you just make hate comments and memes about it. I get it you want clout cause your 9 but that doesn’t mean you can say these things this puts you on the lowest point of humanity. I hope you feel bad
Creeper_Blox_177 9 hours ago
Stop it
Byzid Rahman
Byzid Rahman 10 hours ago
Joking on someone's death is absolutely disgusting and disrespectful. Such a shame that we have come to a world where people make memes on someone's death. This is a result of lack in education. Parents should educate their children how to act during certain situations. 1st education always comes from our home. Prayers to your family @Jacksepticeye.
Mikaela Duvaldt-Duvall,
I am Sorry for ya loss. Ya dad was proud of ya, I am sure about it. ♡
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