I Got Cancelled On Twitter 

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I got cancelled on Twitter over a PS5 joke
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Dec 3, 2020




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BloodyVikings 9 hours ago
You gotta do something about that cable mess on your desk. You've got a sweet setup and then that mess, makes me sad.
LegoPlayz164 9 hours ago
J-actor-septiceye and Ryan Reynolds
Sam Does A Thing
Sam Does A Thing 12 hours ago
U can raid my home anytime jack
Dorintic 13 hours ago
14:45 the internets come to super sensitive people now
Daniel Unknown
Daniel Unknown 15 hours ago
Disliked the vid
Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog Day ago
Someone:donates to charity Twitter:silence Someone:make a joke Twitter:KILL THE BASTURD
Jack calling me out in the first minute of the video
13. Mayurakshi Chatterjee
The only gaming youtuber who has coffee for his merchandise 😂
Cerebral TR
Cerebral TR Day ago
Jack: You know I would never poor shame people Also Jack: HAHA POOR! Obv I’m just joking and it’s good for Seàn to bring it up
Boxersteavee Day ago
of course it was on twitter
Ankfnuttis LuckyDucky
Bro u have such an cool setup
Ghost Gamer21
Ghost Gamer21 2 days ago
I had Twitter but I deleted it because I wasent getting any text backs from my favorite youtubers😥
Not my Real Name
Not my Real Name 2 days ago
Sean bean is actually pronounced “Shawn bawn”
IamNinjaDodo 2 days ago
boy band man
Squeebs 3 days ago
Just watching this now, I have an amazing neighbor who works for the Georgia Coca-Cola factory! My guy, I will beg for her to do something!
Random Person
Random Person 3 days ago
Imagine having a "business PS5"
Amanda Ochampaugh
I mean I'm pretty damn poor & I cannot afford a ps5 but I was not offended by your tweet. It's sad that some people want to cancel others over a joke.
weeb 5 days ago
jack could not care about being cancelled
Mason Lapointe
Mason Lapointe 5 days ago
17:20 - 17:26 think about that if you watch bias media sources. Just saying
Foxy Loaf
Foxy Loaf 6 days ago
That feeling when you have .5 mg now ;-;
Ink Inc
Ink Inc 6 days ago
Jack talking about ps5 running out of stock Mr beast who practically bought most of them in almost in every gaming store: 0 0 )_____________________________(
Debbie Bonner
Debbie Bonner 7 days ago
Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
So... this video has 2.7K dislikes and I *very* coincidentally, have a debt to davy jones of 2,732 souls.
Comic Games
Comic Games 9 days ago
jack sounded like hiccup from how to train your dragon
TrixiesTits 10 days ago
I find it sad he has to explain a really simple joke
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 10 days ago
Jack day 1 of US-first: I am allergic to cats Now: I own the cutest little fur ball cat
Vansh Bhardwaj
Vansh Bhardwaj 10 days ago
Why does he sounds like Indian at starting😂😂
Krissy True
Krissy True 11 days ago
I grabbed myself a piece of cake and watched this- I have no regrets XD
Itz_Izzy 11 days ago
Seriously that's why u got cancelled?? That's ridiculous
user76 11 days ago
Watch 9:05 in 144p
Puffpyf 12 days ago
Ngl twitter pretty f tier
The Untitled Random Junk
Me: *(makes a Taken reference in a tweet, over the closure of Blue Sky Studios)* Twitter: “You have been *suspended,* for *violating the Twitter Rules.”*
crowns n halos wellness
Bro I don't even have a console or a computer
Stephanie Noblet
Stephanie Noblet 14 days ago
Yay Hot Chocolate
Cassandra Yeargan
Cassandra Yeargan 14 days ago
Meme time meme time meme time meme time meme time
Paige Rogers
Paige Rogers 14 days ago
Are you serious?? Sean would never make fun of someone less fortunate and struggling. That's not the kind of person he is. I'm not even going to list all the good he has done because #1. I'm lazy. #2. Sean isn't about talking about really all the good he has done because he's not that kind of person. The one thing he will happily talk about is getting ppl to donate ppl in need and then giving thousands of his own money to match donations. I rest my case. I also fully stand his talk about his coffee. coffee is life to streamers. Good coffee is needed when working. I need to remind myself to get buy my dad your coffee. He has so many coffee gadgets. If we like it then I'll introduce it to my brother in law who needs his coffee in the morning. It's like a ritual for him. And he makes good coffee. No sugar or flavor additives needed. Take it black or a splash of cream. And it tastes like happiness. he really chooses the flavors wisely.
Jeremiah Knox
Jeremiah Knox 9 days ago
Hey I’m the only one who’s allowed to make a really long and nice comment. Well actually my last comment was in the name of Beth but whatever
Maria Chrysanthou
Maria Chrysanthou 14 days ago
I didn't give much attention to the whole "twitter is the most cancelling culture thing" until today. I joined twitter 3 days ago and i literally just got cancelled on it, harshly by 100ppl, got told to kill myself by at least 15 people and even sent tutorials how to tie a noose 👍
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill 15 days ago
Waiting for a legit reason to actually cancel. It sure is taking twitter a while to find legit reasons to cancel good people.
Beth Wilkins
Beth Wilkins 15 days ago
I remember seeing all these people saying I am your #1 fan, but because of this tweet i unsubscribed. if you were his number one fan then you would know he is a fantastic and wonderful person. so all of you jerks that could not say that you did not like his tweet in a nice way, can rot in hell. because jack is truly one of the best of humanity.
Annie’s Drawings
Annie’s Drawings 15 days ago
Imagine cancelling someone who is sweet and innocent and adorable as heck
Cookie Crusader
Cookie Crusader 16 days ago
Who could cancel Jacksepticeye? They honestly have no heart
JQcool 19 days ago
8:30 the equation is x / sqrt{x} /4x x = people you simply take into consideration that there are 4 amounts of contribution on the team and not all of it is evenly distributed leading to the square root
e gaming
e gaming 19 days ago
Sean is basically if a 1800s revolver was equipped with a Viking axe and whisky
Bevis Belevis
Bevis Belevis 19 days ago
Twitter sucks.
Matsune P
Matsune P 19 days ago
He looks like roomie with facial hair
justice 19 days ago
8:52 they have one collective braincell between all of them
Jacob Barnes
Jacob Barnes 19 days ago
I love how Twitter tried to "cancel" Jack and failed miserably because nothing happened.
Miloš Đošić
Miloš Đošić 19 days ago
Dammit sonic
Aahil Makhani
Aahil Makhani 20 days ago
No pls
999 Killz シ
999 Killz シ 20 days ago
Its twitter ofc why dont you think you got cancelled
Seán Mc00chie?
Seán Mc00chie? 20 days ago
0:42 thanks Robin, very cool
Rabies 20 days ago
You deserve to be canceled but not for ps5 bullshit
Heavy is Sorry
Heavy is Sorry 17 days ago
why does he deserve to be cancelled? the fuck did he do wrong?
Tess McDaniel
Tess McDaniel 21 day ago
BEAN MCLOUGHLAN (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
The little Red nugget
Jack I’m sorry to say but I watch previous meme Times to keep the depression away.
Drek Ember Ch.
Drek Ember Ch. 21 day ago
anyone else switched 144p just to see how bad the quality is? just curious
Aqilkm 21 day ago
ITs MeMe tiMe
Vinyl Anarchy
Vinyl Anarchy 21 day ago
He either likes reflections because they’re cool or he would like to reflections because he can’t see his own and he’s a vampire
Arrik Kitsune
Arrik Kitsune 22 days ago
So Jack is sitting here talking about his upload speed of .5 MBps and all I can think is "WTF is my excuse? I have like 1.2 MBps upload speed!" I also remember I don't have any editing skills so all my recording videos I throw up are all raw and unedited expect for the intro I had up for a while. Man maybe I should get back into recording again. Maybe Restart my Battle Realms game or something! Sean you are an inspiring man!
Just_ HaikaL
Just_ HaikaL 22 days ago
top of morning jack!
Lucas Holstein
Lucas Holstein 23 days ago
As much as I want to defend jack, it’s kinda hard to in this situation. I personally wasn’t offended but I can see why people could be pissed off by it. It was terrible timing. Taking about having a ps5 during a pandemic is stupid and terribly timed.
Unseen Misery
Unseen Misery 23 days ago
Jack, you've got 26 million friends who've got your back so don't listen to the idiots out there who just want to hate on you for no good reason.
Phoenix girl 166
Phoenix girl 166 23 days ago
I know the satan joke are funny but I was legit sad lol
Gemma Duggins
Gemma Duggins 23 days ago
Watching Sean become a cat person the longer he has BB is so adorable
Puro 24 days ago
im gonna be honest I have a ps5 my self but i dont think that joke is funny I get it was a joke but there is so many people struggling to get a ps5 I dont think it is funny he said: imagine not having a ps5* thats what he said and is prob why he got cancelled
Lauren G
Lauren G 21 day ago
A PS5 is not a necessity though and the main reason why no one can get a PS5 is because Sony handled the launch quite poorly as well as having scalpers buy then re-sell the product for ×5 the price. It was clearly a satirical joke that flew over so many heads.
Provivadex 24 days ago
How are people not subbed to this channel? he's been so big since 2013
mickaroni and cheese
He low-key looks like Ivaar from AC Valhalla, ig he is a viking lol
Finn Richter
Finn Richter 25 days ago
the fact that jack is Q BERT in his movie is awesome
Jayze 26 days ago
Dan Toner
Dan Toner 27 days ago
Petition for jacksepticeye to start a mirror company called "top of morning LOOK AT THISE REFLECTIONS
Izabell Mullineux
Izabell Mullineux 28 days ago
21:50 my cat does that too
Creyz Wolenfros
Creyz Wolenfros 29 days ago
Anyone else think that the vikingr with beanies is lowkey cool as hell
Casper Garcia
Casper Garcia 29 days ago
6:46 Fame makes u look good🧐
Pokhanpat Month ago
When you have an IQ of 155 but you still watch jacksepticeye Hold Up
Sami Jones
Sami Jones Month ago
What happened to jacksepticeye...
Victor The Crispy Frie
His dad died and he's gonna stop uploading
꧁Midnight꧂ Month ago
Took an iq test and got 178 XP. But it must be lying cuz I’m dumb as all hell lmao
Angela Smith
Angela Smith Month ago
Play Minecraft again
buddyboi Month ago
this vid is literally just an excuse to promote his coffee lol
The soviet gamer
ESV Zyxh
ESV Zyxh Month ago
Why is Sean’s hot chocolate cost the same to ship as it does the actual product :/
Courtney R. Rypkema
International shipping is always expensive.
Jonathan Lewis Live
Pewds: "first time?"
mikkelpickkel Month ago
for ierlind
Mr. Grimes
Mr. Grimes Month ago
you cant cancel someone who doesnt care
Sophia Helgeson
Sophia Helgeson Month ago
When did he get an axe?
ashley demon ava
ashley demon ava 11 days ago
It's antisepticeye he's here
BO OP Month ago
2 PS5?!??!?!?! Morgz: rookie numbers | | | I hate this guy btw
Gibran Madi
Gibran Madi Month ago
Jack's having an identity crises
Lord Cook
Lord Cook Month ago
Meme: Me watching at 144p: this looks like a old video game Me watching at 720p: holy flip this is better
Dajah Gary
Dajah Gary Month ago
I love you so much your so funny UwU UvU UwU UvU UwU
JustA Person
JustA Person Month ago
Apparently I missed this?? Who would try to cancel Jack, the literal sweetest man. I haven't even watched the video and I know y'all have to be kidding i-
Astherielle Loella-Ximena
@JustA Person I can see why he doesn't make edgy jokes anymore.
JustA Person
JustA Person 23 days ago
@Astherielle Loella-Ximena Thanks! I saw that part in the video and I can't see how people would ever take that badly, but that's the problem with the internet. Things tend to get blown out of proportion.
Astherielle Loella-Ximena
So he put out a tweet that says image not owning or buying (I forgot which) a PS4. As a joke. And people got mad.
a g
a g Month ago
Anything: exists Jacksepticeye: "IT'S MEME TIME!"
Megaraptear Month ago
Glow Pon3
Glow Pon3 Month ago
Cabin youtuber respect. I'm out here in mine with .5m up and 2m/s down.
Jonathan Frederick
Imagine getting upset because someone has worked for over 8 years on their career and have EARNED the opportunities they have
Coty Stone
Coty Stone Month ago
I absolutely love you and can't wait to to try your coffee. But Jack always remember haters are always going to hate just how the world is. There was one time I was on a dating site and on the about me section of my profile I exactly what I was not looking for and someone started harassing me saying I was nothing and have nothing to offer anyone. This same person said he has a US-first channel and said he makes videos about finding women like me who are too picky and and stupid and make fun of them. What I put was that I don't associate myself with people who due drugs or men that only use women. I still never changed my page because I believe if someone can't handle that then move on. I don't hold much stock in people, but you are a good person. Everyone knows the type of person you are just some people just suck and want to make someone else feel just as bad as they do. You are right though it is mind boggling to see adults act like such vagabonds. Just remember all great people have some sort of negativity thrown at them.
Malakai Stokes
Malakai Stokes Month ago
jack saying “haha poor” Me: hmm kinda sus ngl ArE yOu PoOr ShAmEiNg?! /j
(Clears throat) Comedy: About to be as dead as dinosaurs because people are getting insulted by practically everything. Know who's making the joke and maybe at that point you'll learn that it's just that. A joke.
Matthew Bartlett
Jack: whoever thought of that meme I love you! Username; Opt-imal Furry Jack: *regret*
Kaze Month ago
This particular episode of jack is sad and depressing.. Im not even laughing or smiling at this.. I can feel him dying inside but hiding it..
Aaron Month ago
people who paid money they really couldn't afford because of the pandemic got told they couldn't get the console they pre-ordered because of a shortage and you rubbed it in their faces that you got one FOR FREE,their kid's christmas is ruined
Grace Loren
Grace Loren 2 days ago
@Aaron He wasn't a d-bag, and he wasn't making fun of the people that couldn't afford the console. His intent of the joke was for HIM TO BE THE BUTT OF THE joke. That’s what he literally said. He got one console for free from Sonny, the other one he pre-ordered. He gave the one free to PJ (kickthepj), and please watch the video before commenting because he literally said he got ONE for free, and HIM AND HIS GIRLFRIENDS PRE-ORDERED ONE, AND THAT'S HOW THEY GOT THEIR CONSOLES. And the "to make sure a little kid couldn't get one" he literally didn't after the many many charities that he donated to for children and families. He is a genuine man people take what he said and twist it (like what you did), and after hearing him out, he had NO ILL INTENT. You can still be mad, but many other people have done the same concept, and it is a meme. But I hope you have a nice day, and I understand where you come from and listen to people and hear them before making a false comment. Have a nice day.
Aaron 21 day ago
@Lauren G how was Sony supposed to know these people would lie and cheat the system claiming the first one never arrived so they could get extras to sell at a ridiculously gouged price? some of these people like keemstar claimed TEN of them so they could sell the extra for christmas
Aaron 21 day ago
@Lauren G the problem with hiding behind "it's a joke" is exactly this..what's funny about that situation? it's funny to you that people paid lots of money to get something for their kid and jack took TWO of them for free just to make sure a little kid couldn't get one? that's funny?
Aaron 21 day ago
@Lauren G how is it his fault he decided to be a dbag and make fun of the fact that paying customers couldn't get them while he got it for free? people are in fact responsible for their own actions and the fact that something like that is "a joke" shows he's changed and thinks of himself as better than everyone else now
Lauren G
Lauren G 21 day ago
How is that Jack's fault? Sony handled that quite poorly and it was quite clear that he made a joke. Anyone who took that tweet seriously needs to get laid if they took time out of their day to whine and cry about a console that isn't a necessity in the first place.
Game Dev
Game Dev Month ago
Why I left twitter. Its annoying how jack gets cancelled for a ps5 meme but people being racist dont.
Da Real Wigga
Da Real Wigga Month ago
Twitter holds no candle to how terrible Facebook is as a company. Prove me wrong, I dare you. EDIT: If I am honest, no social media website is worth it. They're all loaded with drama.