Beating the ENTIRE game in one video 

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I finished all of Subnautica in ONE video
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Dec 25, 2020




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Cadęncę Bluębęll
This was so amazing to watch
Ryan Hexley
Ryan Hexley 7 hours ago
Full release of below zero May 14th💪💪💪💪
L1lSpooky 11 hours ago
this is so fun u have to do a part three
David J Kim
David J Kim 11 hours ago
The massive philosophy biosynthetically jump because shark scientifically sign toward a deserted tramp. telling, wide-eyed waterfall
Shane Steinman
Shane Steinman 12 hours ago
me re-watching this because I have nothing to do while eating rice with chicken this vibe is awsome
ReaperZack 14 hours ago
I cried when he did his old outro
Purple Guy
Purple Guy 14 hours ago
He said a leap of faith, and then an add happened
Gaming with galley
Gaming with galley 15 hours ago
I managed to speed run it in 15 minutes, I cant wait for below zero full release, MAY 14 HERE WE COME BABY
sebu 12
sebu 12 17 hours ago
I like all the events
Heather Leader
Heather Leader 18 hours ago
You are my favorite US-firstr
It'z the Belphiwhore
The memories bruh
Jasper Branch
VIper main
VIper main Day ago
and the craters edge is 8000 meters deep
Waaaaaaah the outroooo, I cried a bit
Tristan McClellan
When I heard that "Hey Reefeys!" again, it brought back memories...
R.L. Hipp
R.L. Hipp Day ago
Jack, you can actually see the Gargantuan Leviathan in game now using mods. Please make a video of it. It's sooo worth it..
The HentaiBukai
I just realised that jack pretty much put the exact same things in the time capsule as with the actual series. Some things never change, and that warms my heart.
Ethan Meneghini
35:19 Just wait till you find out about that Gargantuan Leviathan mod.
Archibald Gallup
Archibald Gallup 2 days ago
Thank you for this video. I no played this game for 90 hours and I loved it. I even beat it
Fox Boiz
Fox Boiz 2 days ago
"I guarantee only i cried during subnautica" dude i was crying out of fear of the stalkers
Jack Cooper Plays
My man just let the sunbeam die and im very disappointed
Sir Llama
Sir Llama 3 days ago
Jack at 38:41 “I would love to have a free roaming waterless version of this world” Meawhile jack at 44:22 “I went to a waterless world” “it defeats the whole point of it!”
Sir Llama
Sir Llama 3 days ago
43:14 That same glitch happened to me but I was in my prawn suit and it totally ruined my prawn suit and I lost all my upgrades and stuff
LordBob126 3 days ago
This is one of my absolute favorite games, and I found it because of you. Thank you!
jerrbear 3 days ago
I cried!!
Anh Lê
Anh Lê 3 days ago
can't believe an accident led him to this
Anh Lê
Anh Lê 3 days ago
a youtuber
Aäron 4 days ago
What is the name for fear of the sea? I would love to know
LolrusGames 4 days ago
35:28 well just get a mod and you wish comes true
Amber Gancedo
Amber Gancedo 4 days ago
Jack you have your own decoration the Jack's Septic Tank
SlayerOfJD Turtles
I didn’t want to watch this video before I completed the game and now that I completed it it’s my favorite game ever
nightmare plays
nightmare plays 4 days ago
4:41 I expected a hony in trash
Juleko 4 days ago
Endlich wieder subnautica
Bryan Hofferica
Bryan Hofferica 4 days ago
It took me an hour to find quartz
NeroToxic 4 days ago
Jack has a gf jack has a gf Jack and subnautica sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G Dont worry I simp 4 cindy🤣🤣🤣
NeroToxic 4 days ago
Kharaana virus
leahlaine 5 days ago
Because I mentioned it when this vid first came out, I’m sliding back in to say this made me decide to play Subnautica for the FIRST time ever (I’ll be streaming it on twitch at leahlaine if anyone is interested lolol shameless promo time) and I’m absolutely terrified, I’m afraid of the ocean, watching this video scared me, it’s gonna be a wild time please with me luck if you see this thank you
Leo Assarsson
Leo Assarsson 5 days ago
The return of the king!
TJSnake99 6 days ago
Do you know what would be a good idea for subnautica instead of building a rocket you have to collect parts and rebuild the Aurora to escape
Marcus chance
Marcus chance 6 days ago
I'm playing subnautica for the first time didn't know it was on xbox
Lunarria Gaming
Lunarria Gaming 6 days ago
you should do a series on subnautica in VR
you tube
you tube 6 days ago
Does anybody think that the massive gun hit the ship that jack came on and then it crashed???
Mrminecraftdude 6 days ago
I want online game play
When i see this: Me: Who are you and what have you done with jacksepticeye
Mac Ludlow
Mac Ludlow 7 days ago
“No one else cried playing subnautica” I cried literally just watching the end again, so...........
TJ Chappell-Meade
This is the best game I ever played and Jack sent me to it!
Kotato 7 days ago
Jack! There is a mod that adds the Gargantuan Leviathan! You should make a Video about it!
Daniel O'Rourke
Daniel O'Rourke 7 days ago
You should get the gargantuan leviathan mod and look at it that would be insane
Katie Hale
Katie Hale 7 days ago
Your beta/early release series came out right around when I originally got sick with type one diabetes. Watching that series made me feel so much better, because you are so lively and fun that it helped me forget how sick and miserable I was. When your full release series started I was basically living in the hospital. I was able to watch the series twice over about 6 or 8 months while not being able to sleep at night and being bored during the day stuck in bed with multiple IVs and other shots around the clock. You didn’t just save the company that made Subnautica, but you helped me tremendously when I really really needed it. Thank you ❤️
gaming addictionz
I got this game today I don’t know why I waited
Wax. 8 days ago
now I want a subnautica movie
Jay Simpson
Jay Simpson 8 days ago
Me: Watching Netflix My girlfriend: 0:22
Peyton Clark
Peyton Clark 9 days ago
You should do modded subnautica
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson 9 days ago
Jacksepticeye should play firewatch
XD_Mysterious 1
XD_Mysterious 1 9 days ago
Man I cried since I saw jack play
Ethan Galey
Ethan Galey 9 days ago
Its been 3 years already 🥺
alexa emerson
alexa emerson 9 days ago
When I watched you for the first time when I was 6 my jaw droped because of how good you are at games
Diamond Noodles
Diamond Noodles 9 days ago
I religiously watched your subnautica series. I was soo obsessed, am so happy to see you return to it :D
dominic vigil
dominic vigil 10 days ago
its good to finally finish subnautica, i just finished the game
TheSmite 101
TheSmite 101 10 days ago
dude i literally remember watching the early access series and then later on like a while later finding the full game playthrough and just being so happy now those were the days
TheSmite 101
TheSmite 101 10 days ago
the big skull one and shit that one i heard was like really big like as big as the underwater river something like that.
steamerfan221 10 days ago
OMG PEEPER VENTED peeper was the imposter
Mr Edrick 132214
Mr Edrick 132214 11 days ago
Mr. butter
Mr. butter 11 days ago
I miss my cuttlefish
Elliot W
Elliot W 11 days ago
this game is on another level, i just want them to finish below zero
King K Rool
King K Rool 11 days ago
Jack never really used the creature decoy when he played originally. Comes back after so many years and finds creature decoy. Jack: these weren't in the game and I played originally
Juuso Nihtilä
Juuso Nihtilä 11 days ago
Sean, theres a mod that brings the gargantuan leviathan from lost river to life in game fully animated!😁
Code Kisaro
Code Kisaro 11 days ago
35:26 wellllllll if you go check out a certain mod
Jadon Trinidad
Jadon Trinidad 11 days ago
I don’t think Sean knows about the mods the bring the giant leviathan to life
bolty_boi 11 days ago
i feel like the only reason i came to your channel is because of subnautica
CrypticRobin 12 days ago
I miss the intro
Big C
Big C 12 days ago
I bought subnautica recently and your name is on the back saying ”This game is awesome”
Braylie Hoover
Braylie Hoover 12 days ago
Subnatica music hits different. I was today years old when I found out about that meteor
Maddie Chevrefils
Maddie Chevrefils 13 days ago
the old intro man🥺💓 brings me back
Gafredhyric 154
Gafredhyric 154 13 days ago
Subnautica was one of my favorite series I've watched number one and below zero I watch both Series so many times makes me cry when I go back to them😭😭😭
Phoinex Nocterno
Phoinex Nocterno 14 days ago
Jack if you see this the gargantuan leviathan is in the game the juvenile is bigger than 2 sea emperors and larger but the adult..........u need to get the mod pls it’s insane jacky boi.
Kyler Sutton
Kyler Sutton 14 days ago
jacky boy the titan leviathan is in the dead zone deep down dark deep down please make a video of it!!!
richyneil2 0 0 5
richyneil2 0 0 5 14 days ago
Dude I hope you do "A Gargantuan return" It's an AWESOME MOD for Subnautica and also maybe the De-Extinction mod, it adds a few more new creatures. I dont think the first one is public so hopefully the people who made it send you the mod for you to play
Redy 14 days ago
Title should be “subnautica in a nutshell”
Redy 14 days ago
I wonder what happens if u restore ship when ur in the destroyed version
Mewmere 14 days ago
But have you ridden a ghost levitathan?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 15 days ago
*Subnauutios* That gives me tears
Squeeg gee
Squeeg gee 15 days ago
Jack just kept saying "IM THE GOD OF THIS WORLD" *death note intensifies
Henry_On_Mars 15 days ago
I really hope subnautica VR becomes a thing and Sean gets a reaper attack inside the seamoth playing it.
Maria Caffrey
Maria Caffrey 15 days ago
Archibald Gallup
Archibald Gallup 15 days ago
“These were not in the game when I played it” Yes, they were lol
Głîtçhíńg_1ìżärd627_0 ;3
How to beat the game in about 10 minutes “console commands” (spawn rocketbase and forcerocketready)
Głîtçhíńg_1ìżärd627_0 ;3
It’s stupid
Anthony Baggett
Anthony Baggett 15 days ago
Oh no the stabby thing got mad 6:15
Odst Reyes97
Odst Reyes97 16 days ago
Odst Reyes97
Odst Reyes97 16 days ago
No I ded
EE EE 16 days ago
Yooo for those of you that go to newest comments please like this so Jack knows he can download a mod to bring the gargantuan leviathan to life.
Bring the Bee
Bring the Bee 16 days ago
Okay. I went in to play creative and I realized that there are three reapers near the aurora
Cookie Crusader
Cookie Crusader 16 days ago
Jack is the ONLY reason I have even heard of this amazing game
Maddie Avery
Maddie Avery 16 days ago
vendese 16 days ago
"No one else cried whilst playing" I fired a vortex torpedo at my base by accident and my cuttlefish and my pet gasopod and everything disappeared😭😭
MrBearPlayz2029 16 days ago
water go spit :)
John Gaitan
John Gaitan 16 days ago
Didn’t realize how long I’ve been watching him..Wowzers time flew :/
Nyssa'sOrbit 16 days ago
I agree with you on them being a bit more creative with the general creature structures, but I will also say that I wish they were more creative with their sounds. Like, the Crabsquids are terrifying not only in appearance, but because they *sound* so "alien". Yet, the more creatures are added, the more they just kinda go "blaaaargggg", even with the new mod of that super huge leviathan. Like, yeah big roars are scary and all, but we're in an alien planet, not a fantasy dragon nest. Go buck wild with the noises please.
tempodan 17 days ago
Fuel Reserve? No, catJAM
Godess Liz
Godess Liz 17 days ago
I cried watching the ending to your series❤️ I love this game so much
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