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Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.

I Must Hit Men...
Month ago
Happy Wheels #102
Month ago
2 months ago
Is this a saviour? | Raft
2 months ago
Christal J.-S.
Christal J.-S. 9 hours ago
I wish Jack would hold Six's hand more 😔
Steven Gomez
Steven Gomez 9 hours ago
I Can’t wait for the final
Anahja Fambro
Anahja Fambro 9 hours ago
Dude I love the Sieries I usually dont watch long vids but it sum about yours they just hit different I love them have a good rest of your day
Přerost Danny
Přerost Danny 9 hours ago
hi jack
Alexander pelky
Alexander pelky 9 hours ago
jack- "theirs that perfect balance" thanos- "this does put a smile on my face"
Jackiebobdude 9 hours ago
Sean, the lighthouse on the island IS the top of the boat, and that’s not a lighthouse, it’s a chimney/smokestack
The void Destroyer
The void Destroyer 9 hours ago
Kay Plays Today
Kay Plays Today 9 hours ago
Honestly having a tv in an elevator is really smart much more entertaining than just waiting and listening to music
Polaris Kuiper
Polaris Kuiper 9 hours ago
20:48 the guy did move his head I think
D4n1 C4rp3nt3r
D4n1 C4rp3nt3r 9 hours ago
12:51 *Jack reading the description of 1984 while I'm watching his video instead of doing my English homework aka reading 1984*
Nkosephayo Ayabonga
Me watching this at 3AM thinking its not scrary Literally 10 seconds later: OMG MOM HEEELLLPPP!!!!!!
Siera S
Siera S 9 hours ago
Ok so I was on the part where there was stairs and when he jumped I jumped and then I fell then I started where the black goo was 😭
Liamismyname930 9 hours ago
I swear I have watched this before.
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett 9 hours ago
Jack: that destroys earth so much faster Thanos: I'LL TAKE YOUR ENIRE STOCK
TKM Skirmish
TKM Skirmish 9 hours ago
Is... is Six dead?
Visored Ichigo
Visored Ichigo 9 hours ago
The clothes around the city remind me of cell in dragon ball z when he hit up ginger town
_car_gang 9 hours ago
33:14 what is that thing walking in the background between te buildings. looks like a huge man or beast.
Vincent Rodriguez
Vincent Rodriguez 9 hours ago
The second one can go in the attic
ava 9 hours ago
In both games, the kid became the monster. I love this series so much.
Work-Shy_King 9 hours ago
Just in case you don't already know the bag character you play as I heard people refer to him as "Mono" deriving from the word Monochrome as in black and white or bland.
Soup Guzzler
Soup Guzzler 9 hours ago
holy shit seans theory of the buildings is right! during the fight with the long guy the character is light straightening out the buildings
Zym the cute dragon
OOOOHHH BOY Jack are you in for a ride of surprizes in the next and final chapter! I can't wait to see your face! XD
gage roy
gage roy 9 hours ago
Sup jack I just woke up and you're the first thing that I'm waking up to Life is Good hope you're having an amazing day peace
SpringJester 9 hours ago
Me: Mom can we get Pyramid Head Mom: no we have pyramid head at home Pyramid head at home: 44:29
promontorium 9 hours ago
Why do all these game streamers constantly yell fucking everything?
Elliexer Chan
Elliexer Chan 9 hours ago
Stores should have Mono’s paper bag... no matter much shit it goes through its still in solid state!
Gacha Kylee
Gacha Kylee 9 hours ago
The next part is a bit more crazy
Cass Soldier
Cass Soldier 9 hours ago
is this essentially Mono who is the protagonist in the second game?
Mr. Beans
Mr. Beans 9 hours ago
vanishing on seventh street
Abstractn 9 hours ago
Isn't Six a girl by the way?
Liam Oneill
Liam Oneill 9 hours ago
Is that a box of children?
Firehound Wolfie
Firehound Wolfie 9 hours ago
Could you add a intro at the start that summarizes where you left off last episode. Im slow. Even just like a short snippet of the ending of the last episode would help alot for many people.
Devni White
Devni White 9 hours ago
"What do we say to the big, long man?" He throws up his middle finger, and I immediately yell, "FUCK YOU BITCH!" So glad I'm the only one home.
Benjamin Hall
Benjamin Hall 9 hours ago
Welcome back, good to see you smiling!
ZeroJinKui 9 hours ago
10:20 watch six very closely here... she facepalms. >_>
casey 9 hours ago
New logo suggestion, just a very close up photo of your eye, with or without green contacts
Cole Vaut
Cole Vaut 9 hours ago
U should change ur hat 🧢 to something else. I would like to see how it Loki’s with the lighting in the game.
AvariKalahari 9 hours ago
Jack: "Ding ding" My brain: "Ding Ding, top of morning!"
TKM Skirmish
TKM Skirmish 9 hours ago
Are we sure that "The Thin Man" or "The Hatted Man" isn't really just the G-Man?
LazyBrutality 9 hours ago
I think the reason why they aren't effected by the broadcast, because of the paper bag and rain jacket blocking the screen. You probably knew this but i just thought it was cool
Kristen Nicole C
Kristen Nicole C 9 hours ago
I'm not even playing and I'm screaming! 😅 thank goodness I'm watching this first thing in the morning. If it was a night thered be no way I'd be sleeping. 🤣
Black Cat
Black Cat 9 hours ago
I streamed this on twitch and this part got me so much that I had to stop and take a drink too lol
1#dan tdm
1#dan tdm 9 hours ago
jack 2013: oh these are just normal weapons jack 2019: STICKY BOMB!!
Peyton Derickson
Peyton Derickson 9 hours ago
Homer Simpson 34
Homer Simpson 34 9 hours ago
28:18 that edit jump scared me
Laura LaBatt
Laura LaBatt 9 hours ago
Hey, i was wondering if you have ever played danganronpa? you should. it would be really entertaining to have avideos like that. sorry for bothering anyone.
Arium 9 hours ago
I feel like if he had interviewed the Maze Runner cast, they would've had so much fun! (When the movie came out)
JustCallMe Nate
JustCallMe Nate 9 hours ago
Now Jack, would you play Little Nightmares 2 IF it was in first-person?
Ffion Cato
Ffion Cato 9 hours ago
It’s so hard not to jack who the tall man is
Daniel Teang
Daniel Teang 9 hours ago
Sean predicts the future
Jane 9 hours ago
the paper bag is water proof
Mckitty 9 hours ago
Yeeee boi
Brandon Butcher
Brandon Butcher 9 hours ago
you guys remember the itch and unt mugs
Mr Himself
Mr Himself 9 hours ago
six: barely alive jack: do you have pants on?
Tom B
Tom B 9 hours ago
I thought Caramel was the flavour of tea at first, you had me shook
The Toilet Demon
The Toilet Demon 9 hours ago
Watching this reminded me I still have No Players Online in my computer files
Marine is not me
Marine is not me 9 hours ago
Has anyone else seen the theory that the tall man is mono's dad, and the lady at maw is six's mom
けいこ 9 hours ago
gosh i’m super hyped for the next part
Bubblestache 9 hours ago
hhhh I cannot wait for part 5 ugh
No-Sky 9 hours ago
Mom: "You see where TV will getcha?!" Me: "No?..." Mom: **Shows **33:40****
Trinity Redford
Trinity Redford 9 hours ago
Here's what the website says about the story of the game (it gives more understanding with no spoilers): "Escape a world that’s rotten from the inside. Your journey will take you from creepy woodlands, to sinister schools, on your way to the dreadful Signal Tower to find the source of the evil that spreads through the TV screens of the world. Six is fading from this world and her only hope is to guide Mono to the Signal Tower. In this world of nightmares, you are her only beacon of hope."
todarokisenpie 9 hours ago
Pr0toSheik 9 hours ago
SMALL SPOILER WARNING!! This turned into Persona 4 the bad ending really quickly lmao
Detect1ve 9 hours ago
Alexander pelky
Alexander pelky 9 hours ago
six-*gets stuck under rubble and almost dies* jack- "ohh nooo...my flashlight broke!!!" 😂😂😂😂
LivDoesStuff 9 hours ago
Pentaroma 9 hours ago
man even jacks graphics got updated
dark lord omega tnt
and you did happy wheels again i did a video about steve and you could it at the the bottom in the video section
WispyEmperor 9 hours ago
You know it’s going to be a good ep if you start out with the words “who’s long Johns are theis.”
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 9 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks for this years nostalgia week jack should do fnaf
Markel Busscher
Markel Busscher 9 hours ago
**cries in my fav villager is Shari**
Fatpanda 9 hours ago
I think the children are being taken by this thin man, and the adults are trying to get them back but killing themselves trying to get through the televisions. And the three adults you have meet so far, the hunter remade his family because they were taken, the teacher is teaching to fake children because they were taken, and the doctor is trying to make life maybe to replace the children.
Kj Davis
Kj Davis 9 hours ago
What if we, the player, are the eye. It makes since in the way of us watching over everything. We watch over and even control things in their world. The TVs could be outlets for the eye either way. The people of their world worship us. That could explain why our lil bag boy can control TVs, it’s because we control the character. It’s just a lil theory though. The eye could also be the tower or sum
Alan Animates
Alan Animates 9 hours ago
What if the main character is the man in the hat and his nightmare is childhood?
Genomynt 9 hours ago
I never tap so fast after seeing his new video on my home screen~👀👀
xd_JOHNNYBOYR84 9 hours ago
There is like 10-30 minutes left of the game
Ruurd van Buiten
Ruurd van Buiten 9 hours ago
old tv would kill if dropped in de tub, the tube driver makes +1000V
Yitters The fox
Yitters The fox 9 hours ago
I legitimately thought the title said “the thin mints are here” (maybe I’m just hungry)
Mic Oak
Mic Oak 9 hours ago
the memories... flooding back... (also knew cinnamontoastken with this game)
CurlyFries;) 9 hours ago
was that the end? I'm confused. He didn't do an outro